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Ross & MacKenzie | Music


Well known for his exceptional baritone voice, Ross Sutter is a superb singer of traditional song.  He plays an impressive collection of instruments (dulcimers, button accordion, bones, guitar) and is a dynamite player of the Irish bodhran.  A Bush Foundation Performing Arts Fellow, Laura MacKenzie has been well-honored in the world of traditional music, performing on a dazzling array of wind-powered instruments (flutes, whistles, pipes, concertina).  She is a fine singer, and her duet vocals with Ross are especially captivating. 

Learn more about Laura in her March 2017 Artist Spotlight interview and Ross in his December 2015 interview.

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Traditional Irish & Scottish Music & Song

Ross & MacKenzie have presented and performed Irish and Scottish music across the United States and Europe. Their musical chemistry combines the knowledge, warmth and understanding derived from many years in traditional Irish and Scottish music. Jigs, reels, hornpipes and airs are demonstrated on pipes, flutes, whistles, concertina, bones and bodhran (the Irish drum), as students learn about the rich cultures of Ireland and Irish-America. 

Irish Music and Dance
With the addition of costumed Irish dancers from the Twin Cities Irish dance academy, the music and dance are combined in a delightful, informative and festive presentation. 

Note: Add one or two Irish step dancers for an additional cost.