MN Joe Tran | Dance


MN Joe Tran | Dance


Joseph ‘MN Joe’ Tran is a professional breaker since 2002. He is known for his unique dynamic power moves which have helped him secure 1st place titles in Italy, Colombia, France, the Netherlands, California, Washington and Minnesota. A recent graduate at The Meta Institute and a certified NLP Practitioner and Therapeutic Coach©, MN Joe hopes to use his experience as a dancer and coach to assist others in achieving their excellence.

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“I believe there are times when words aren’t enough for artistic expression. As dancers, we have the ability to express emotions and creativity through movement that words can’t manifest. Each body is unique, and by learning how to use it artistically, one builds values of gratitude, compassion and confidence. Students learn the basics of breaking (breakdancing) through individual coaching and group activities. I encourage the discovery and development of exploring unique ideas and movements which foster individuality, identity and personal style. I focus both on form and creativity while allowing the students to share ideas and inspire each other. Students learn about various techniques that  increase their productivity and efficiency in their learning process which can easily be applied to other subjects outside the classroom.”

Learn more about MN Joe in his August 2018 Artist Spotlight Interview.

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Intro to Breaking

Students learn the history of breaking and the basic 5 elements of the dance:

  • Toprock

  • Go-downs

  • Footwork

  • Powermoves

  • Freezes

Students are encouraged to add their unique flair and create their own combinations of moves.


Discovering Personal Excellence through Breaking

Students discover excellence in their areas of life and begin to explore and transfer them to dance. Students will also learn about the Six Thinking Hats to increase productivity and efficiency in their learning process.