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As a percussionist, mick has dedicated his life work to cultural music programs. His formal musical studies began at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Global studies include Arabic music at the National Conservatory of Music in Amman, Jordan (1994); Tabla at the Rhythm Riders Institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India (2007), and Flamenco Guitar with Jose Cortez Pansequito in Puerto Santa Maria, Andalucia, Spain (2008). Additional international instructors include Pandit Veja Shakar, Gopal Mishra, Alexander Georgiev, Haba Boula and Nasser Abido. mick’s most recent excursion was to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, during Panorama, a Steel Drum competition in 2010. mick’s touring has included Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Puerto Rico, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and China, as well as 35 cities in the USA.

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Rhythm Roots

Cultural art forms are a fantastic device to delve into world cultures; often misunderstood or misinterpreted by the postcolonial countries. My intention is to convey cultural information with a high degree of integrity and fundamental respect for its cultural origin.

I will arrive with my percussive entourage (percussion instruments for students). This creates a colorful announcement of my arrival. Curiosity, smiles and jubilation fill the environment immediately. In the next couple of days the students will become familiarized with basic hand drum techniques and rhythms from various cultural origins. Later, we will put together rhythms and variations to create an ensemble piece. The students will title their musical piece and on the last day of my residency the students will present a performance for the entire school.

mick can provide drums for up to 35 participants. A rental fee applies.



Introduction to Rhythm Roots

Students discover the roots of popular music by exploring drumming techniques and rhythms from Africa and the Caribbean. Using conga drums, bongos, dumbecks and other percussion instruments, students experiment with rhythms from around the world.


Note: Minimum of 4 workshops per day

World Music Rhythms

Celebrate world music through fun international drumming and chanting traditions, releasing the inner rhythms deep inside of you. Create a percussion ensemble exploring either drumming or chanting, or both, or create an original composition through “Speaking to Our Ancestors”-- an interactive program exploring your personal relationship with what ANCESTOR means to you. Rhythm is the foundation of music everywhere.