Mica Lee Anders | Visual Arts


Mica Lee Anders | Visual Arts


Mica Lee Anders is a visual artist who does mixed media work and photography. She teaches children of all ages how to create meaningful, well-composed photographs. She creates exciting curriculum by combining artistic concepts and techniques with fun, age-appropriate activities.

Mica Lee Anders received her Master's of Fine Arts degree in studio arts, with a focus in photography, from the University of Minnesota.  She often incorporates her background in graphic arts and genealogical research into her artistic practice. She has taught students from preschool age to undergraduate college students.

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Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Photography Basics

Get to know your camera and learn to see through the camera’s lens. Students will learn how to shoot in a variety of photographic styles—from abstracts to Landscapes/Cityscapes. Each lesson begins with a discussion of composition and hands-on camera tips before students take pictures with their cameras.


Note: For a class of 30, site needs to provide 15 cameras minimum (2 participants per camera). Materials fee varies depending on project.