Lucy Rose Fischer | Visual Arts


Lucy Rose Fischer | Visual Arts


I create fanciful designs that tell stories with vibrant colors. For much of my art, I paint upside down, inside out and backward, on hand-blown glass bowls and vases. My art career is also upside-down. I had a 25 year career as an award-winning researcher, teacher, and writer—with a PhD in sociology and a specialty in the study of aging.  When I was almost 60, I asked myself, “How old do I have to be to follow my dream?” and I began my art career.

My latest book, I’m New at Being Old, a whimsical picture book about aging with colorful paper collages, received a Midwest Book Award and an Independent Publishers Gold Award. I have been a keynote speaker for numerous community organizations, offering inspiration and motivation to everyone with a dream for the third age of life. My story as a late-blooming artist is featured in the TPT program “Life Changing Art,” which won a regional Emmy Award.

Learn more about Lucy in her December, 2013 Artist Spotlight interview.

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Artful Aging. Paper Collage: Art is a Work of Life

Creating a paper collage is colorful, messy, and fun. This program is designed for people with and without a background in art. The collage process includes dying tissue paper, drawing, painting, and lots of cutting and pasting.  Each participant will create two or three collages that express his/her personal story.

Note: This residency is for seniors and those young at heart. This program typically takes three days to complete. A shortened version of this residency is possible. In 3-5 hours, participants can create one collage as a final product. Materials cost will also apply.