Lucy Rose Fischer | Visual Arts


Lucy Rose Fischer | Visual Arts


Lucy Rose creates fanciful designs that tell stories with vibrant colors. For her teaching, she works with paper collage--a medium that is messy, fun and accessible for "students" at all ages and levels of experience. For her own art, she paints upside down, inside out and backward, on hand-blown glass bowls and vases. Lucy Rose’s art career is also upside-down. She had a 25 year career as an award-winning researcher, teacher, and writer—with a PhD in sociology and a specialty in the study of aging.  When she was almost 60, she asked myself, “How old do I have to be to follow my dream?” and she began her art career.

Lucy Rose’s art has been shown in over 50 exhibits and is on permanent display in public institutions and private collections. Her latest book, I’m New at Being Old, a whimsical picture book about aging with colorful paper collages, received a Midwest Book Award and an Independent Publishers Gold Award. She has been a keynote speaker for numerous community organizations, offering inspiration and motivation to everyone with a dream for the third age of life. Her story as a late-blooming artist is featured in the TPT program “Life Changing Art,” which won a regional Emmy Award.

Learn more about Lucy in her December 2013 Artist Spotlight interview.

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Artful Aging. Paper Collage: Art is a Work of Life

Lucy Rose likes teaching paper collage because it’s colorful, messy, and fun. The collage process includes dying tissue paper, drawing, painting, and lots of cutting and gluing. When gluing fine brightly colored tissue paper, wrinkles are good!  She uses the paper collage technique with accordion books, collage paintings, and collaged objects. Accordion books can be folded up or can stand open to view all the pages at once. Each page is a small collage.  Usually the books show personal-family stories and include copies of photos as well as words. The collage paintings tell stories too—using photos, words, drawings and vibrantly colored paper. If there’s time in a workshop series, we can use the paper collage technique on objects—boxes, vases, mirrors, waste baskets, etc.

Note: This residency is for seniors and those young at heart. This program typically takes three days to complete. A shortened version of this residency is possible. In 3-5 hours, participants can create one collage as a final product. Materials cost will also apply.