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Lau Hawaiian Collective | Music


Lau Hawaiian Collective is a group of performing artists dedicated to the perpetuation of Hawaiian music with reverence and imagination. Using a variety of traditional and contemporary vocal styles, musical instruments, and movement, they illuminate the connections between music, history and present-day cultures. In concerts and educational programs, their unique backgrounds and personalities come together to embrace a spirit of welcoming, a love of learning, and a sparkling enthusiasm for sharing music and ideas. 

The core artists are Kim Sueoka (vocals, ‘ukulele, hula ‘ili‘ili) and David Burk (guitar, lap steel). Additional artists can perform with Lau Hawaiian Collective to create a larger and more varied selection of musical repertoire and instruments.

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Kim Sueoka has been sharing the vibrant music, language, and history of Hawai‘i with Minnesota communities for nearly a decade. She delights in building portals into Hawaiian culture through interactive programs that feature singing, active discussion, and an introduction to hula concepts with traditional implements and movement. Originally from Kōloa, Kaua‘i, Kim grew up among threads of the living singing and storytelling traditions of Hawai‘i and its diverse immigrant communities. She studied Hawaiian chant and hula with the late Kumu Pohaku Nishimitsu and with Kumu Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman. She has received two Minnesota State Arts Board grants for research and performance of Hawaiian Music. Kim is currently a teaching artist and performer with Lau Hawaiian Collective and The Rose Ensemble.

Learn more about Lau Hawaiian Collective singer, Kim Sueoka, in her January 2014 Artist Spotlight interview.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Nā Mele Wai: Hawaiian Fresh Water Songs

This joyful, interactive concert features traditional and contemporary Hawaiian songs and hulas on the theme of fresh water, or wai. Join the members of Lau Hawaiian Collective on this journey through the sweet, poignant, rollicking music of the Hawaiian Islands with singing, ‘ukulele, hula ‘ili‘ili (hula with water-washed pebbles), kīkā (guitar), and kīkā kila (lap steel guitar), and stories from Hawai‘i’s past and present . Nā Mele Wai is an invitation to celebrate humanity’s shared reverence for water and to explore the place of water in today’s world.

Lau Hawaiian Collective's core artists are Kim Sueoka (vocals, ‘ukulele, hula ‘ili‘ili) and David Burk (guitar, lap steel).  Additional artists include Rahn Yanes (bass), Dave Kapell (glass harp, ‘ukulele, hula ‘ili‘ili) and Shahzore Shah (vocals, percussion, hula ‘ili‘ili).

The addition of Lau Hawaiian Collective’s other musicians offer:

• A larger and more varied selection of musical repertoire and instruments, including waiolina kū nui (double bass), vocal harmony, and glass harp.

• A richer context for illustrating fresh water themes, using traditional and nontraditional musical ideas and sound colors.

 • Additional models for participatory hulas and sing-alongs.

Note: Performance ideal for grades K-6. Lesson can be modified for grades 7-12, as well as community programs and elder care programs. This performance can be offered as a duo, trio, quartet or quintet.



Being ALOHA! A Musical Journey to Hawai’i 

A joyful and interactive musical journey into Hawaiian music and culture celebrating aloha (love) and nani (beauty) in our community and our world.  Discover some of Minnesota’s amazing connections to Hawaii, learn about motions and storytelling in hula, and sing along with the sweet sounds of ‘ukuleles, kīkā (guitar), kīkā kila (lap steel guitar), and `ili`ili (water-washed pebbles). E komo mai (welcome)! 

Workshop taught by both Kim Sueoka (vocals, 'ukuklele, hula 'ili'ili) and David Burk (guitar, lap steel guitar, 'ukuklele).