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Katha Dance Theatre | Dance


Rita Mustaphi’s Katha Dance Theatre performs Kathak, the classical dance of northern India. From the word katha, or story, Kathak dance is a fusion of both the Hindu and Muslim cultures. Rita leads a company of three artists, weaving northern Indian storytelling and Katha dance with regional Indian folk dances.

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Dance, Music, Myth & Legends

Participants learn about Indian culture through dance as the dancers engage in a playful, spontaneous interchange with the audience. The storytellers in ancient India performed mythological stories before village audiences using rhythmic footwork, expressive movement of the hands and face, swift turns and elegant stances.


Professional Development

How Arts & Crafts Teach the Essence of Cultures

Reconnect with body, mind and spirit through dance movements from northern India. Sessions are designed to unleash creativity in order for you to enhance learning in the subjects of math, world cultures and more.


Dance, Music & Culture of India

Students will be participating, creating, interpreting and producing original art inspired by arts of India. Today’s India is a land where a 5,000-year-old past mingles with a thoroughly modernized present.  Rita Mustaphi of Katha Dance Theatre offers that unparalleled cultural experience. Students will learn storytelling and folk dances, music, and folk arts associated with many festivals and languages. This celebration of senses enriches the student’s personal growth, enhances the understanding, appreciation and communicative skills, and encourages creativity.

“Namaste” —greetings to you. Born and raised in Kolkata, India, I bring with me the sights, the sounds, the colors and the tastes of this magical land!

Rita Mustaphi, Artistic Director of Katha Dance Theatre


Indian Kathak Dance: A Rhythm of Joy

Explore Indian culture while experiencing the artistic connections between body, mind and spirit. Learn how to interpret stories and perform intricate footwork—a creative opportunity to enhance both dance and mathematics skills.


My Diary & Yours

Rita leads a journey through Indian arts and culture and can integrate Indian dance and folk arts with curriculum. Focus on dance and choose to work with rhythmic cycles to generate ideas for math; write narratives based on Kathak dances; or use dance movements, footwork and spins to encourage health and activity. Focus on folk arts and choose to make rakhi (friendship bracelets); create diya (clay oil lamps); decorate palms with mehendi (henna); face paint with handan (sandalwood paste); or create alpana (floor designs with rice paint).