Karibuni | Music


Karibuni | Music


African music consists of much more than just African drumming! Karibuni performers demonstrate music, drumming, songs, dance, storytelling, and the unique Congolese guitar style developed for Soukous (dance) music.

Karibuni's music is an immersive experience, with members hailing from the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire and the USA. Their material has roots to Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. History, geography, music and dance exemplify the rich and stunning diversity of the everchanging, often misconstrued continent.

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Karibuni: Welcome!

This performance is a vibrant educational tool filled with proverbs, lessons and history. This program presents music from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, the Republic of Congo and South Africa. Musicians sing songs in six languages with electric guitar and percussion accompaniment.

Note: A sound rental fee normally is needed. Prices vary for community and business bookings. Please contact staff for more information.