Joko Sutrisno | Music


Joko Sutrisno | Music

"Joko was fantastic. He not only had engaging, challenging and well designed lessons, but he connected the experience with life lessons. His rapport with students was age appropriate, energized and he was consistent in communicating confidence in their ability to do the task at hand." -- Ms. Cruse, Hillcrest Community School

As a boy in Central Java, Indonesia, I heard and participated in gamelan, an ancient, but vital tradition of Indonesian music. It reflects the complex rhythms of life and becomes a second language to all who know and perform it. I was professionally trained at the National Academy of Performing Arts (ASKI) in Surakarta, Java. My family and I came to Minnesota in 1995 to develop a gamelan program.

In what is now twenty years of conducting residencies in the U.S., I have developed a pedagogical approach that engages students of all levels in playing music successfully from the very first session.

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Currently Joko is artistic and music director for Sumunar Indonesian Music and Dance, a non-profit organization offering performances by the Sumunar Gamelan and Dance Ensemble, community classes for adults and youth, and a strong program of school residencies for students from kindergarten through college.

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Gamelan music is communal, so the process is particularly valuable in nurturing attentiveness, focus, cooperation and respect for the contributions of others. Thousands of elementary and middle school students in the area have been introduced to gamelan music making through hands-on experience.

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Play the Gamelan

Play a piece as part of a gamelan ensemble after learning basic techniques and musical forms. Joko transforms any group into collaborative musicians, developing skills that are valuable in music training.

Note: Workshop available only in combination with a Sumunar gamelan performance.


Wayang Kulit: Shadow Puppets of Java

Intricately carved and painted puppets cast stylized shadows on a screen. Storytelling is encouraged through this Javanese art form. Learn how the puppeteer brings the characters to life. Practice developing your own characters and creating new scenes.

Note: Minimum of two workshops