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Jawaahir Dance Company | Dance


Jawaahir Dance Company (Ja-WA-heer means “jewels” in Arabic) is a rare gem—a professional Middle Eastern dance company with a worldwide reputation for excellence. Founded in 1989 by internationally-acclaimed dancer, teacher and choreographer, Cassandra Shore, this dynamic troupe presents one-of-a-kind artistic and educational programs that showcase the beauty and drama of Middle Eastern dance. Member Shari Jeziorski is a licensed teacher with a BA in Education and has been a student of Middle Eastern dance for nine years.

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Caravan: Adventures in Middle Eastern Dance

Experience and participate in the traditional rhythms, costumes and movement of dances from Egypt, North Africa and the Saudi Gulf. Jawaahir members perform a delightful variety of Middle Eastern dances, including Raks Al-Jazur, a dance of balance, skill and artistry. Traditional dance clothing is worn.



Elements of Middle Eastern Dance

Shari Jeziorski introduces authentic movements, music, language and art of these various cultures through engaging activities. Learn about traditional Middle Eastern rhythms, folk costumes and dance traditions from Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia, the Saudi Gulf and North Africa.


“Iftah Ya Sim-Sim,” Open Sesame!

Jawaahir demonstrates the rich heritage of Arabic arts and culture in an interactive format. Learn to appreciate the people of the Middle East through their dance traditions; a dynamic approach that helps eliminate stereotypes and build a better understanding of world communities.


Professional Development

Middle Eastern Dance

Learn more about Middle Eastern culture and customs. This workshop provides teachers with classroom activities, worksheets and research resources on language, music, dance and socio-political issues. Some movement is included for both men’s and women’s typical social dance styles.