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Eric Sharp | Theater


"If I’m not there challenging people’s perceptions, nothing changes, and we’re stuck with the way things have always been done." –Eric Sharp

Eric Sharp is an actor, writer and teaching artist, based in Minneapolis. Within his residencies, Sharp will use various theatre games and warm up exercises with the objective of invigorating bodies and minds. 

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As an actor, Sharp has appeared at the Guthrie Theater in Mu Performing Arts’ production of Yellow Fever. Other credits include Walking Shadow Theatre Co., Park Square Theatre, Children's Theatre Company, and Nautilus Music-Theater. His playwriting debut, Middle Brother, was developed through the Mu Performing Arts/Jerome Foundation New Performance Program and was named as a finalist for the 2013 National New Play Network Showcase. Eric also portrayed the young Dalai Lama in Tiger Lion Arts' Minneapolis and NYC productions of The Buddha Prince. A founding member of Perpetual Motion Theatre Co., he co-produced and performed in the aquatic hit, The Depth of the Ocean, at the Minnesota and Toronto Fringe Festival. He continues to work regularly in commercials, voiceover, and small films.

Learn more about Eric in his September, 2014 Artist Spotlight interview.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Create A Play

We all have stories just waiting to be told.  Watch your experiences spring to life as we use games and writing prompts to take your story from your imagination to the stage in just one short week.  Students will write dynamic short plays about the people, events, and big questions of their choosing.  Then we learn basic play structure, and polish our pieces with physical theatre exercises.  The end of the week culminates in a community event where friends and family get to experience our one-of-a-kind new play.

Note: Residencies for grades 3-12



Creative Drama

What does it take to be an actor?  We already have all the tools we need: our minds, bodies, and voices!  In this dynamic workshop, we will explore the actor's toolbox and learn how to tell stories on stage with our whole selves.  A combination of exciting improv and theatre games, and the chance to create silly characters, students will learn the building blocks of theatre as well as self confidence and interpersonal skills to take out into the rest of the world.


Public Speaking

Does the idea of giving a speech in front of lots of people make you nervous?  You're not alone!  Public speaking is a skill that takes practice.  But luckily there are shortcuts.  In this short workshop, professional actor Eric Sharp will help you replace those bad nerves with good habits that you can take into any speaking opportunity.  Students will read example passages aloud from some of the world's best known speeches, and try their hands at writing their own.

Note: Best for grades 6 and up.


Stage Dialects

One of the toughest skills for an American actor to master is the use of dialects on stage.  But fear not!  Listening to a live instructor, students will learn to distinguish and produce the sounds which make regional dialects so distinctive.  We will begin with a standard British stage dialect, and time allowing will move on to regional US dialects like Brooklynese and others.  This workshop is best suited for middle and high school students with some theater experience.

Note: Best for grades 6 and up.