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Dreamland Arts (Zaraawar Mistry) | Theater


Zaraawar Mistry, co-founder and director of Dreamland Arts, has performed with the Children’s Theater Company, the Guthrie Theater, Mixed Blood Theater and Ragamala Dance. He was an Associate Artistic Director at Theater Mu, and is currently a co-director of Dreamland Arts, a 40-seat theater attached to his home in St. Paul. Zaraawar’s goal is to inspire children to understand and appreciate different cultures through entertaining and educational stories.

Learn more about Zaraawar in his September 2013 Artist Spotlight interview.

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Children's Stories from India

In this program, actor and storyteller Zaraawar Mistry performs traditional stories he heard during his childhood in India, accompanied with live music by Greg Herriges. The stories include tales from Hindu mythology, humorous classics from the Panchatantra and anecdotes about Emperor Akbar and his witty counselor Birbal. Greg Herriges provides live musical accompaniment on the guitar, bazouki (Greek lute) and zither. Interwoven into the cultural aspects of the storytelling are a series of questions and clever riddles that encourage children to learn about Indian culture, history and food, and creative puzzle-solving.

Note: Program for 1-6th grade. Ideal for a maximum audience of 150.


This is an excerpt of the live performance of The Demon's Wish, one story from Children's Stories from India. Greg Herriges provides live musical accompaniment on the guitar, bouzouki (Greek lute) and zither.