Caley Vickerman | Literary & Visual Arts


Caley Vickerman | Literary & Visual Arts


Actor, Educator, and Poetic Enabler, Caley Vickerman, is the founder of Guerilla Haiku, a public art experience that she has been growing since 2011. The purpose of Guerilla Haiku is to use poetry as a tool to get strangers to connect and share their stories in public spaces. Facilitators build temporary installations to showcase a community’s stories, and begin conversations around the experiences participants have when gathering poems (and initiating contact) with the people around them.

Her professional life bridges the worlds of Educator and Artist.  Both identities are essential parts of her person- she creates in order to teach, or through teaching she creates; both are sides of the same coin.  A certified teacher in NY and MN, she has over 15 years of classroom experience both as a full-time classroom teacher (in mathematics and theater), and as an art educator consulting in-and-out of schools at all grade levels.

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Guerilla Haiku was an exceptional experience for my second graders. Our Caley’s incredible exuberance and ability to teach in a clear and concise manner made the day both valuable and fun! Guerilla Haiku provided students with an opportunity to be outdoors and observe the world through a new lens; while simultaneously experimenting with vocabulary and language as they worked cooperatively to describe their observations in haiku. It was a wonderful way to help students gain confidence in their ability to write.
— Marcia Richmond, 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher, New York

Caley is trained as an actor and she borrows from immersive and interactive theater models in much of her work.  Her passion for experiential education, commitment to community arts programming, creativity and enthusiastic facilitation are key to the success of her educational programs. 

For the past 7 years, she has been based out of New York City, and has facilitated programs in over 60 cities nationwide.  School-based programs have been most popular, but she has also worked with museums such as the Corcoran Gallery of Art in DC, and the Phoenix Art Museum as well as other arts organizations, senior centers, hospitals, community police and faith-based institutions.  Recently, she relocated to her hometown of Minneapolis and is dedicated to providing programming locally.

As an artist, she is passionate about the ways in which the arts can offer opportunities for deep connections, to oneself, to one’s environment, to new ideas and between strangers across all divides.   Caley is thrilled to be a COMPAS roster artist and looks forward to creating meaningful programming with and for your community of learners.

Learn more about Caley in her July 2018 Artist Spotlight interview.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Guerilla Haiku:  Poetry as Community Building

Over the week, students will learn about haiku and work collaboratively to explore their classroom, home and school communities using haiku as the tool for exploration and engagement.  As students be­come more sophisticated with the structure of a haiku, concepts like economy of language and figurative language will be explored. Toward the end of the week, students will begin working on an indoor or outdoor installation style showcase of their written work.  The installation is a unique way to celebrate their work and further engage the rest of the school community.  


Kite-Building: Math Taking Flight

Teams of students work collaboratively on building working kites. Using Tyvek and Fiberglass rods, students learn basic geometry concepts of measurement and scale and put them into practice.  On flight day, students work together to test out and share their creations. The angle of ascension is used to explore the altitude of their kite, an example of basic trigonometry. 



Assembly-Style Program for a Grade Team: Guerilla Haiku-Poetry as Community Building

In the one-session special event, students engage in...

  • character development
  • community involvement
  • creative writing
  • team-building

This special event start with an opening ceremony/assembly to establish rules of play. After, teams of 10:1 (students:adult) head out on haiku scavenger hunts. Teams cover their campus and surrounding neighborhood to create spontaneous haiku inspired by what they see and experience. As they be­come more sophisticated with the structure of a haiku, students begin to recognize the power of only a few words, and the possibilities provided by figurative, nuanced language to hone their message. Students bring back their haiku to the closing ceremony to share their work and what they experienced.


Guerilla Haiku Free-For-All

Create a dynamic, collaborative space for volunteers, passers-by, and staff members to interact creatively with their environment and each other.  Stories can be gathered about the event, or about a particular theme that is of interest to organizers.  Each haiku is a qualitative data point; reports on the data gathered can be requested at additional cost.

For festivals, parties, ceremonies, family days, or other events as a way to prompt interaction between different stakeholders within the community in creative, intentional ways.


Professional Development

Writing Across Disciplines: Using Haiku in your Content Classroom

In this 2-hour team-building session for teachers and staff, participants will share best practices, connect literacy across all content areas and integrate experiential learning to enrich existing curriculum.