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Armando Gutiérrez G. | Visual Arts


Armando's commitment to handing down knowledge is a responsibility which compels him to work in the field of education as a teaching artist. The most satisfying thing to him about being a teaching artist is when you see someone accomplish what you have set out to teach and share, and a smile and a connection is made. His vision as a teaching artist is to implore the possibility of belief in one’s own creative spirit and to know that we all can express what is special within each and every one of us.  Armando will work with the teacher to create a team in the classroom and have daily checks to assure that educational goals, timelines, and expectations are being met. He also encourages teachers to engage during his classes or residencies in being learners so they can further understand what the students are experiencing and learning.

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Born in El Paso, Texas. Mr. Gutiérrez is a versatile artist working in various mediums. Known primarily as a painter and muralist, he is also an actor/performer and musician.  His artistic studies include the University of MN and Atelier Lack in Minneapolis, which were his foundational studies as a painter. He has also traveled to most of the major art museums in the United States, Mexico and Europe for his personal artistic growth.

He is the recipient of the Leadership in the Neighborhood (LIN) Grant for study of murals by the great masters of Mexico. In 1998 he received the U.S. Bank Sally Ordway Irvine Award for initiative in the Arts, and in 2000, he was awarded a Jerome Foundation Travel Grant. He has also been awarded several Minnesota State Arts Board Grants throughout his career as an artist. In 2012 he received La Familia Hispanic Heritage Award for his contributions in the Arts. Mr. Gutiérrez also works as a consultant for the collaboration of arts organizations, artists, and the public schools.

Mr. Gutiérrez has been involved with numerous schools, colleges, and conferences giving lectures and providing residencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Mr. Gutiérrez has his projects studio located in Saint Paul, at the ACVR Warehouse.  He is Co-Founder of Studio Pintura in the Northrup King Building Artist community showing his work in Gallery 293, where he accepts commissions, for murals, portraiture and still life.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Mosaic Projects

Create a mosaic mural or individual design for a class project. Learn the history of mosaic making as well as different cultural applications and expressions. Program is intended to take you from start to finish and planning and time should allow for successfully finishing the projects designed.

Mural Projects

Create a mural project for your school and engage several classes in the process in planning, design, and painting it in acrylic paints. Learn about the history of mural painting in Mexico, with artists such as Diego Rivera, Siqueiros, and others. Program is intended to take you from start to finish and planning and time should allow for successfully finishing the projects designed.

Folk Arts of Mexico

The traditional folk arts of Mexico have been passed down through many generations and continue to be a living art form practiced still today. Among some of the traditional folk arts offered to the classroom are:

  • Día de los Muertos The Making of Ofrendas

This residency is offered to classroom teachers that want to explore the long practiced tradition of ofrenda making from the historical time of ancient Mexico to the contemporary expression of making installations that honor the dead. This is a course usually held in conjunction with the dates that correspond to this significant celebration.

  • Papel Picado

Learn the folk art of Mexican paper cutting used during significant Mexican holidays and celebrations. Find out how paper making and indigenous rituals helped form the tradition as used today. This residency involves cutting with utility knifes and sharp scissors and is not recommended for elementary schools.

  • Instrument Making

Learn instrument making of the Aztecs, Mayan and other indigenous tribes of Mexico.

Clay flutes and other instruments of Mexico are considered some of the most interesting forms of utilizing anamorphic and zoomorphic shapes to mimic the sounds of animals and birds in ceremonial rituals. The residency is focused on the understanding of how these instruments are designed to create sound. Depending on time and the duration of the residency we will also look at creating other combinations of complex use. Glazing and burnishing techniques are an additional step that would need added time. Armando can provide bisque or glaze firing to the school, at an additional fee.

Other clay projects offered include Tile Making, Figurines, Sculpture, and Hand Building.